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What is your cancellation policy?

The MMAD Swim, an open water event, prioritises the safety of its participants and personnel and may be canceled due to extreme weather or other emergencies. Decisions on event cancellations are made by the Water Safety Organiser in consultation with key event organisers, and such decisions are revisited the day before and on the event day. Cancellations might arise from official warnings, specific climatic conditions, or insufficient safety measures. Participants will be promptly informed via the MMAD swim website and at the event location. Please note that entry fees are non-refundable.
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Is your event suitable for all ages?

Absolutely! Our event is designed to accommodate participants of all ages. We offer a separate 200m nipper swim specifically for those aged 13 and under, and a 400m novice swim. Our main event showcases a diverse range of participants, with ages spanning up to 75 years old. Overall, our event is tailored to suit all abilities and age groups.


When is the last day I can register?

Online registrations are open until 7am on the day of the event. Please note, we no longer offer in-person registrations on the day.

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