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Diving Into Community Spirit

Each year, the MMAD Swim event comes alive thanks to the collective efforts of our community and the incredible backing from our local sponsors. Their financial contributions, combined with their expert insights, truly make a difference. A heartfelt thank you to all our sponsors listed below. Interested in being a part of this community-driven event as a sponsor next year? We'd love to connect.

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Ritchies IGA

At the heart of local communities for over a century, Ritchies IGA is more than just a supermarket. They represent a tradition of quality, value, and a commitment to the localities they serve. Whether you're shopping for fresh produce, pantry staples, or seeking gourmet finds, Ritchies IGA delivers with unparalleled service. As a company that continuously gives back, every purchase you make helps support community initiatives and local charities. We are proud to partner with Ritchies IGA, a brand that truly values community spirit and quality.

Visit their website to discover weekly specials and more about their community support programs.

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Bentons Road Vet Clinic

At Bentons Road Veterinary Clinic in Mount Martha, your pet's wellness is the heart of their mission. Through a blend of natural and modern methods, they ensure pets are not just healthy, but vibrant and full of life. By choosing Bentons Road Vet, you're giving your pet the best chance at a long, energetic life, and in turn, experiencing the joy a truly healthy companion brings.

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Mount Martha Rotary Club

The Mount Martha Rotary Club is a pillar in our community, actively championing local projects and youth initiatives. Their dedication is evident during our event as they energise our volunteers with a hearty breakfast and delight all with their popular sausage sizzle. Their involvement in the Mount Martha Diamond Swim is a testament to their unwavering commitment to the community.


AMBR. Designs

AMBR. Designs, a local Melbourne gem inspired by the world of dance, offers a distinctive twist on activewear. Each piece radiates with unique, hand-painted patterns, seamlessly blending passion and fashion. With a strong focus on sustainability and inclusivity, AMBR. celebrates all women, encouraging them to embrace their inner athlete. 

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